All about cookies

Do you visit a PostNL website or use our app? Then we use cookies. These are small text files that we store on your computer, phone or tablet. The information contained in these files allows us to recognise you when you revisit our website at a future date. For example, we remember your login details and which language you have set, so we will be able to help you better and faster next time.

In addition to cookies, there are other technologies that we use to store and read information on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. An example of this is local storage. Since this works in a similar way, we will also refer to them as 'cookies' for the sake of convenience. We use various technologies for placing cookies, such as Javascript and tracking pixels. In our app, we use software development kits (SDKs).

No cookies?

Would you prefer us not to store information about you and your device settings? In that case, you can change this yourself. The changes you make for the website do not automatically apply to our app and vice versa. You will have to set them separately.

Change cookie settings for website

Changing your cookie settings for PostNL app

  1. Open the app
  2. Select 'Account'
  3. Select 'App settings'
  4. Select 'Privacy settings’
  5. Adjust your preferences

Deleting cookies

You can delete cookies in your internet browser, for example in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. You can also set your Internet browser to receive a notification when a website uses cookies. You can then decide each time whether you want to give permission for this. Do you want to know more about this? Then use the help function in your browser.

What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies for various purposes. On this page you can read what the cookies do and what companies they come from. For some types of cookies we engage other organisations, for example Google. In that case, we refer to that company's website for more information.

Please note that we do our best to keep the list of these organisations as up to date as possible. However, cookies may be placed by a company that is not listed. In this case, please contact our customer service. Then we will adjust the overview on this page.

1. Functional: to ensure that our websites and app work properly

These cookies do not require your permission, as they enable our website and app to function properly. For example, we can save your login details and the purchases in your shopping basket. With these cookies, you do not have to provide the same information every time you visit our website.

Systems from which we set functional cookies

Read more about our systems

  • Liveagent
    The Liveagent chat function allows you to chat with employees in our Customer Service department. The Liveagent Privacy Statement explains how they use the information.
  • Firebase
    We use Firebase to monitor crashes of the PostNL app. In addition, these cookies allow us to send push notifications from the app if you have indicated that you would like to receive them.
  • Magento
    Magento cookies ensure that our online shop functions properly.
  • Quadia
    Quadia cookies enable us to see what videos have been viewed on our websites. Quadia’s Privacy Statement explains what Quadia does with your information.

2. Analytical: to measure your use of our websites and app

These cookies are used to measure how you use our website and the PostNL app. This information enables us to improve our services, products, and information. For example, we can see what information you have viewed on the website before calling our customer service. Then we improve that information so that it will no longer be necessary for others to call. We do not require your permission for these cookies, because they improve the performance of the website. We do not share the data we collect with others.

We use these cookies to store the following information, among other things:

  • How long you have been on our website
  • Which device you use, e.g. a computer, phone or tablet
  • Through which advertisements you accessed our website
  • Which internet browser you use
  • Which emails from PostNL you open and which links you click

In addition, we may also test different designs of the website or our app. Some of our visitors will then be shown a modified version of the website. This way we can measure whether this change actually constitutes an improvement. We use the cookies so that you will always see the same version of the website.

Systems from which we set analytical cookies

  • Adobe Analytics
    We use Adobe Analytics cookies to see how you use our website and app, what pages you view, and what you click while on our website.
  • Hotjar
    We use Hotjar’s cookies to anonymously record the behaviour of visitors to our website, including mouse clicks, scrolls and clicks.
  • Usabilla
    With Usabilla we ask you if you are well served on our website. You can also use this system to give us tips on how to improve the website and app. So with Usabilla cookies, we know what you think of our website and what we could improve.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud/Tripolis/Webpower
    We use these systems to send emails from PostNL. The cookies from these systems tell us which emails are opened and which links are clicked.

3. PostNL recommendations: to give you personal advice

These cookies keep track of how you use our websites and the PostNL app. This allows us to customise the content of our websites, app and email with information that is of interest to you. We only place these cookies if you give us permission to do so. For this purpose, we look at the following information, for example:

  • Which pages of our website you view.
  • What you are looking for on our website.
  • What products you are looking at.
  • Which functionalities you use in the PostNL app.
  • Which device you are using to visit our website.
  • Which emails you read from us.
  • What you click on in our emails.

How do we determine which information suits you? We create different groups of users that are very similar. We call this profiling. Business customers, for example, are interested in other products than consumers. This allows us to determine, among other things, which products suit you or which questions you may have for us.

Please note: if you do not give us permission to place these cookies, you can still be shown offers from us. In that case, they will be general and not adapted to your behaviour.

Systems from which we place these cookies

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • AB Tasty
  • Amazon AWS

4. Advertising cookies: to tailor advertisements to your interests

We place these cookies to see which pages you visit on our website. This allows us to determine which of our advertisements are of interest to you and to place them on other websites that you visit. For this purpose, we cooperate with advertising partners such as Google or Facebook. Through these partners, we also search for other target groups to whom our advertisements may be of interest. The partners may use advertising cookies to track which other websites you visit. We only place these cookies if you give us permission to do so.

When you use our Android app, we collect a unique identifier from your device for marketing purposes (the Google Ad ID on Android devices). We will only do this with your permission. You can determine how the identifier is used. You can read here how to do that for your Android device.

We measure how many people click on our ads and then purchase our product or apply for a job. This is how the advertising cookies help improve our digital marketing.

Please note: if you do not give us permission to place these cookies, you can still be shown offers from us. In that case, they will be general and not adapted to your behaviour.

Systems from which we set advertising cookies

Click on the companies below to find out what they do with your data. Their privacy statements may change regularly. In addition, we may set advertising cookies from companies that have not yet been included in this list.

Click here to read the full cookie overview of PostNL

This cookie statement is a translation of the Dutch document. In the event of discrepancies, the Dutch version takes precedence.