Business solutions

What do we deliver? Parcels and mail. But can we deliver for you? Check out our solutions for mail, parcels, logistics and data.

Send mail

Are you sending one letter or a large mailing? As a business customer, you send your mail in a way that suits your business.

Send parcels

Reliable delivery of your parcels with various shipping, delivery and return options. Make things easy for your national and international customers.

Boundless delivery for your parcels

Want to have your business parcels delivered worldwide? With our network, it's easy to send your products abroad. With the same familiar service you have come to expect from us in the Netherlands.

Sustainable delivery

We want to minimise our impact on the climate. That is why we are increasing our fleet of electric vehicles, replacing fossil fuels with sustainable alternatives and delivering more by bike. And in those areas where we are unable to reduce CO₂ emissions, we compensate for this. This way, we guarantee CO₂-neutral door-to-door delivery of your mail and parcels throughout Europe.