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Send a letter or card

The perfect way to brighten someone's day Most of the cards you send today will be delivered tomorrow!

Send a parcel

Larger items can easily be sent as a parcel. Choose from several shipping options!

Receiving a parcel

Follow your parcel with track & trace, also from abroad. Would you rather change the delivery time or place? It's easy to do it online!

Find a PostNL-location

Is your mail or parcel ready to send? Use our location guide to find all PostNL points and letterboxes near you!

Boundless delivery for your parcels

Want to have your business parcels delivered worldwide? With our network, it's easy to send your products abroad. With the same familiar service you have come to expect from us in the Netherlands.

Send mail

Are you sending one letter or a large mailing? As a business customer, you send your mail in a way that suits your business.

A parcel from abroad

Are you expecting a parcel from outside the European Union? We can help you with the customs declaration. Sometimes we will need some more data from you or there may be additional costs.