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bijzondere postzegels

100 years fly by

The Hague, 14 March 2019. In 2019 it was 100 years ago that the Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) and the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) were founded. In that year Fokker built t …

Postzegelvel stinsenplanten

Spring bloomers in nature on stamps

The Hague, 25 February 2019. They are delicate plants, often with soft colours, which mainly bloom in spring: exotics. Originally they did not come from our country, but they …

220 jaar postbedrijf

Postage stamps illustrate 220 years

The Hague, 24 January 2019. All local postal services in our country were nationalised in January 1799, 220 years ago. PostNL, the successor to these postal services, honours …

Retour zonder extra vervoer

Return without extra transport

The Hague, 22 January 2019 - PostNL started the new year well with returning parcels in a convenient and sustainable way. From now on consumers can give their return package t …

Beleef de natuur

Spotting wolves on stamps

The Hague, 2 January 2019. The wolf has returned to the Netherlands! Not only in the border region with Germany, but now also on new stamps about mammals in our country. They …

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