PostNL announces new rates for 2020

The Hague, the Netherlands, 4 November 2019 – As from January 2020, the standard rate for sending domestic letters will be €0.91, up from €0.87. This increase of 4.6% remains well within the scope of 14.6% set by Dutch market regulator ACM. PostNL is thus continuing its moderate rate policy of recent years.

Mail rates for 2020

As from 1 January 2020, PostNL will increase its rates for sending letters in the Netherlands and from the Netherlands abroad. The standard rate for letters in the Netherlands will change from €0.87 to €0.91. The rate for the postage stamp code, which can be bought online or with the PostNL app, will also change to €0.91. For franking machines the rate will change to €0.85 from €0.81. The new standard rate for international letters will be €1.50, up from €1.45. Very large envelopes (larger than C4) and all letters weighing over 350 grammes involve extra processing costs, which is why a separate rate is being introduced – an XL rate of €4.40 per item.

Reliable, accessible and affordable mail service

Resi Becker, Director of Mail in the Netherlands, comments: “By combining the postal networks of Sandd and PostNL, we are creating a single strong postal network in the Netherlands. Both businesses and consumers will have the security of a postal service that meets high quality requirements and remains affordable and accessible across the Netherlands. At the same time, mail volumes are set to keep declining, which requires us to continue with cost savings and relatively moderate price increases. Combined, these steps help us to be the right partner for our customers, a social employer and a financially healthy company going forward.”

2019 December stamp

The price of the special December stamp for the festive season has been set at €0.82, once again five cents below the standard rate for mail up to 50 grammes. From 4 November 2019, these stamps can be purchased from post offices, parcel points and postage stamp outlets, or from

Parcel rates for 2020

For the first time in over five years, the consumer rate for shipping parcels will increase, from €6.95 to €7.25 (up 4.3%). Driven by inflation, costs have gone up in recent years, while rates remained unchanged. In addition, PostNL will continue to invest in sorting centres, retail points and staffing, to guarantee the quality of parcel delivery. The online rate remains lower, at €6.75 (up from €6.50) as of 2020.

All rates

PostNL’s full range of services, including rates, can be found at from mid-November.