PostNL to work with temporary staff at parcel sorting centres

The Hague - PostNL has decided to stop contracting and start working with temporary workers at parcel sorting centres. PostNL is committed to equal pay for all parcel sorters and wants to provide clarity in the social discussion on contracting. In addition to the many permanent employees at PostNL, flexible staffing remains a necessity at the sorting centres. We plan to do this in the future with temporary staff. The wages of temporary personnel are based on the collective bargaining agreement for temporary workers (ABU collective labor agreement) and – accordingly- the user company remuneration under the PostNL collective labor agreement.

PostNL's parcels division is growing every year and offers employment to more and more people. In 2019, at least extra 500 parcel delivery personnel will be permanently employed by PostNL. Most of the other delivery personnel are employed by private businesses.

Over the past 10 years, we have worked with contracting partners to the complete satisfaction of all concerned. As a large and social employer and client, PostNL considers it important to pay close attention to the recent social discussion about contracting. That is why it has now been decided, together with contracting partners, to phase out commercial contracting. Employees of the contracting partners will be informed by them about the individual consequences. PostNL will start phasing out in 2019 and by 2020 at the latest the implementation will be finished. In the morning, PostNL will continue to work with partners that offer opportunities to employees with a distance to the labor market.

Liesbeth Kaashoek, Director the Parcels & Logistics division of PostNL: “Our people perform excellently every day by delivering more than 800,000 parcels throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Parcel sorters are an indispensable link in this process. We opted for contracting because our partners are able to carry out the sorting process better and the desire to be relieved of all the concerns involved in steering our sorting processes. We will continue to work on the quality of our service and a healthy future for everyone who works for us.”