Stamp prices for 2023 announced

The Hague, the Netherlands, 12 October 2022 - On 1 January 2023 the price of a stamp on letters sent within the Netherlands will be €1.01, compared with €0.96 today. The new stamp price as well as other price changes are within the scope granted to PostNL by the government every year to adjust its rates. Having kept prices unchanged in 2022, PostNL in 2023 thus continues its moderate pricing policy of previous years. These new prices are inevitable, partly because of declining postal volumes.

Postage and parcel prices in 2023

From 1 January 2023, PostNL will adjust its rates for sending letters and parcels within the Netherlands and to other countries. The basic rate for letters sent abroad will be €1.65, compared with €1.55 today. Sending a domestic parcel franked online will be charged at €6.95 (previously €6.75). Having the same parcel stamped at a PostNL point will cost its sender €7.65, compared with €7.25. 

Bob van Ierland, Director of Mail in the Netherlands, said: “PostNL seeks to keep mail reliable, accessible and affordable for all our customers, so we constantly aim to increase our efficiency. We have to, as less and less mail is being sent every year. At the same time, our costs keep rising, driven by inflation among other factors. Hence this moderate but necessary increase in our prices.”

December stamps in 2022

PostNL’s December stamps will be priced at €0.91 in 2022, as they were in 2021. These special December stamps are five eurocents cheaper than regular stamps. A sheet of 20 December stamps will sell at €18.20 and will be available to buy from 14 November via, or at post offices, parcel points or other designated stamp outlets. 

All rates and prices

PostNL’s full product offering and prices for 2023 can be seen from mid-October at