Today the post is also delivered as normal in the Netherlands

The Hague – Today the post is also delivered as normal in the Netherlands. This means that almost all employees of PostNL have been working today. The appeal by FNV did not result in a great readiness to take action.

Resi Becker, managing director of Mail Netherlands of PostNL: “I am very glad that more than 8 million postal items have been delivered today everywhere in the Netherlands. Thursday is a busy delivery day, on which for example many magazines and post for the weekend are delivered. Thanks to the commitment of our drivers, sorters, preparators and deliverers the mailboxes of our clients were also filled again today. At the same time I also think it is important to discuss the changes within our company with colleagues. We would like to ask FNV to engage in construction discussions with us about the changes, as we do with other unions. These changes are necessary because of the decline of the postal volume, which decreases every year by more than 10%. By adapting our processes we can continue to employ people as long as possible in the coming years.”