Executive board

On 19 April 2022, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders adopted the Board of Management remuneration policy. The objective of the remuneration policy is to attract, reward and retain qualified Board of Management members to set and implement our purpose, ambition, strategy, objectives and culture. The remuneration policy of the Executive Board is built on the following principles:


The remuneration policy is aligned with multi-stakeholder interests and supports both short- and long-term objectives while acknowledging the environment and societal context.


The remuneration policy and its implementation are clear and practical.


PostNL adopts the highest standards of good corporate governance and complies with laws and regulations.


The remuneration policy and its implementation are simple and easy to understand for all stakeholders.


The remuneration policy is aligned with PostNL’s sustainability goals and fosters corporate responsibility.

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Supervisory Board

On 14 April 2020, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders adopted the Supervisory Board remuneration policy as shown in the table below.

Annual Board fees (exl. VAT)
Chairman € 55,000
Member € 40,000
Annual committee fees (excl. VAT)
Chairman Audit Committee € 10,000
Chairman Remuneration / Nomination Committee € 7,500
Member Audit Committee € 7,500
Member Remuneratie / Nomination Committee € 5,000

Fees will be additive, i.e. if a Supervisory Board member serves on multiple committees, remuneration will consist of the Board fee and the sum of the corresponding committee fees. In the event of the appointment or stepping-down of a Supervisory Board member in the course of a year, pro rata fees apply.

All expenses reasonably incurred by Supervisory Board members in the course of performing their duties are considered business expenses and are reimbursed at cost. In addition, service awards may be granted to Supervisory Board members.

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