Communication with financial market

PostNL provides quarterly financial reports. All press releases and supplementary information regarding PostNL’s financial position are made available on PostNL’s corporate website and will be published in English. Dutch translations may be made available, but the English version will prevail.

The dialogue with the investors and analysts ensures that the financial market has a balanced, well-informed and complete view of the performance of PostNL and relevant business and market developments. PostNL mainly communicates with the financial market via:

  • publication of its financial results
  • press releases
  • meetings and/or calls after each quarterly results publication and ad hoc conference calls and meetings
  • roadshows and conferences
  • general meetings of shareholders
  • capital markets days/strategy updates
  • workshops
  • sales force meetings

Information about upcoming events is published on the financial calendar on this website.

Bilateral contacts

PostNL has regular bilateral contacts with existing and potential investors to invest in a long-term relationship with the investor community. Bilateral contacts are usually conducted with at least two PostNL representatives present, while always observing applicable rules concerning selective disclosure, equal treatment of investors and insider trading.

In a set period preceding the publication of financial results (as laid down in PostNL’s Group policy on prevention of insider trading), PostNL will be in a closed period. In this period, the company will refrain from meetings or discussions with analysts, (potential) investors or other participants of the financial market.