Financial framework

Strategy, capital structure, rating and bonds

PostNL's financial framework is based on:

  • steering business performance by using value-based performance measures;
  • strict cash flow management;
  • an efficient and strong capital structure, with a long-term investment grade credit rating of BBB+ / Baa1.

The financial strategy should provide adequate financial flexibility. This is necessary to support strategic growth platforms and the restructuring of the Dutch mail business.

The key components of PostNL’s financial strategy relate directly to:

  • financial risk management and insurance,
  • aligned legal and funding structures,
  • efficient working capital management, and
  • effective risk management, internal control, and compliance.

Capital structure and credit rating

Capital management is focused on the following components of the current capital structure:

  • targeting an investment grade credit rating of BBB+ / Baa1;
  • structural availability of € 300 - € 400 million of undrawn committed facilities out of our € 400 million revolving credit facility;
  • structural funding via a combination of public and bank debt, with a risk-weighted mix of fixed and floating interest;
  • cash pooling systems that ensure optimal cash requirements for the PostNL Group by facilitating centralised funding and surplus cash concentration at group level;
  • tax-optimal internal and external funding focused on optimising the cost of capital for the PostNL group, within boundaries that are sustainable on a long-term basis.

Credit rating PostNL

Standard & Poor'sMoody's
Last updated22 June 201621 June 2016

PostNL manages its financial risk profile along a cash flow to debt and a debt to EBITDA ratio.


2017 Eurobond 5.375%
IssuerTNT N.V.
Size650 million
Outstanding amount328 million
Maturity14 November 2017
2018 Eurobond 7.50%
IssuerTNT N.V.
Size450 million
Outstanding amount177 million
Maturity14 August 2018

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