100th PostNL letter and parcel machine opened in Zwolle

Zwolle, 7 October 2019 – The 100th PostNL letter and parcel machine is located in Zwolle. The orange machine for collecting post and parcels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is located on Belvédèrelaan in the Stadshagen district, near number 1. The alderman of Zwolle, William Dogger and PostNL manager Jiska Stuurman, accepted the letter and parcel machine with a launch celebration.

Important milestone

“The 100th letter and parcel machine is an important milestone for PostNL," says Jiska Stuurman, Manager at PostNL. “In 2016, we launched the letter and parcel machine trial in Almere. There are now letter and parcel machines in Limburg (Beringe, Grashoek, Klimmen, Limbricht, Schinnen, Wessem), Tilburg, Breda, Amersfoort, Amsterdam, The Hague, Geertruidenberg, Hardinxveld-Giesendam, Stein, Nijmegen, Harderwijk, Den Hoorn, Groningen, Kaatsheuvel, Wageningen, Sittard-Geleen (including Buchten), Oisterwijk, Horst, Zaandijk, Leiden, Horst, Noordwijk, Utrecht, Heemskerk, Oegstgeest and Zwolle. This wide variety of locations gives us new experiences each day and a better understanding of the choices that users make when sending and receiving parcels." By the end of 2019, PostNL expects to have around 125 machines in the Netherlands.

Cleaner, smarter urban logistics

The 100th letter and parcel machine is part of a pilot project in the Municipality of Zwolle, involving the instalment of various machines around the city. "We want to investigate whether machines can help reduce the number of journeys that a postal company needs to make with a delivery van in a given neighbourhood. If we get a positive result, the machines can contribute to cleaner, smarter urban logistics," explains alderman William Dogger from the Municipality of Zwolle. "In 2017, together with Deventer and Enschede, Zwolle signed the Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics (Green Deal ZES). The aim is to reduce nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and the noise generated by urban logistics to virtually zero by 2025. We hope that the letter and parcel machines can contribute to this."

Six machines in Zwolle

PostNL installed the first letter and parcel machine in Zwolle in November 2018, in the public bicycle park on Gasthuisplein. The second machine in Zwolle is the new 100th letter and parcel machine on Belvédèrelaan. Two more machines were also installed in Zwolle at the beginning of October: on Dobbe, near number 17, and on Porporastraat, near number 104. There will be two more by the end of the month: on Sportlaan, near number 51, and on Burgemeester Drijbersingel, next to number 7.

How the letter and parcel machine works

The letter and parcel machine consists of a letterbox with two openings and various parcel lockers of different sizes. The machine can be used to send and receive parcels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and also operates as a postbox. Due to the growth in online shopping, consumers are sending and receiving more and more parcels. PostNL offers these consumers more and more delivery options. We deliver parcels to homes, to the neighbours and to post offices and parcel points during the day, in the evening and at weekends. The machines are installed on and near locations where there are already letterboxes, replacing the existing letterboxes. PostNL is continuing to expand its network of parcel points, and these machines are also part of this network. For more information, go to www.postnl.nl/pba.