Packages go directly to a PostNL location when recipients are not home

The Hague, 16 October 2019 - The online market is experiencing strong growth. PostNL is continuously responding to this trend by aligning the package delivery with both this growth as well as with the requirements of senders and recipients. The goal is to deliver packages to recipients in one go: where and when they want. The first delivery attempt is successful in 95% of cases. If home delivery is selected, the courier will always try to deliver the package once. If the courier is unable to deliver the package to the recipient’s home, the package will now be sent directly to the nearest PostNL location. Customer research has shown that most recipients want this, because now recipients can pick up their package one day earlier than they could in the past.

Delivery control

PostNL is working hard to align package delivery with both growth and the requirements of senders and recipients. In recent years, more options have been added to offer recipients more control over the delivery of their packages, and webshops typically also offer more than one delivery option. This means that PostNL is able to deliver packages with the first delivery attempt 95% of the time. Experience has shown that many recipients for whom the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful are also not home for the second attempt. And customer research tells us that most recipients prefer for these packages to be brought directly to a PostNL location. That’s because the packages are available to them one day earlier this way. There are currently about 3,300 PostNL locations in The Netherlands, so there is always one nearby.

No wasted trips

Because packages don’t need to ride along in the delivery van a second time, this saves unnecessary kilometres and hence CO2 emissions. The space in the delivery vans is maximised, allowing PostNL to use the capacity in a more optimal fashion. This is necessary because the number of packages is still increasingly steadily, and the last two months of the year it gets extra busy.