Two-thirds of the Dutch value delivery workers more since coronavirus crisis

The Hague, 9 October 2020 – Since the coronavirus crisis, 64% of the Dutch population have come to appreciate their delivery worker more, because they believe that physical mail is especially important in these difficult times. The Dutch score their delivery workers an average of 8, according to a survey by PostNL among some 1,000 Dutch people in conjunction with World Post Day.

The research shows that 60% of Dutch people aged between 18 and 55 value their mail deliverer more since the coronavirus crisis. In the age range 56 and older, that rises to 76%. Participants indicated that they particularly enjoy receiving physical mail at the moment, because it shows they’re being thought of during this challenging time. Inhabitants of the provinces of Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg in particular appreciate their delivery worker even more since the crisis.

Not sexy, but reliable and friendly?

The most important quality for a delivery worker to have is reliability, according to 78% of the participants. It’s noteworthy that 73% of the inhabitants of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe indicate that friendliness is at least as important. Mail deliverers don’t need to be sexy or muscular or funny, according to the Dutch.


In conjunction with World Post Day, this survey is an initiative by PostNL carried out by independent research agency DirectResearch?among 1,010 participants aged 18 and over. The participants are a representative reflection of Dutch society. Around 20,000 mail deliverers work at PostNL, who collectively deliver an average of 6.8 million items per day.

World Post Day has been celebrated every year on 9 October since 1969. The day was conceived by the World Postal Union to highlight the social and economic importance of mail.?