New CLA for mail deliverers upon positive ballot of BVPP and CNV members

The Hague, the Netherlands, 5 April 2024 – The majority of the BVPP and CNV trade union members have agreed to a new collective labour agreement (CLA) for some 15,000 mail deliverers, meaning there are enough votes in favour of a new CLA to be signed into effect in mid-April. This schedule should also give trade union FNV enough time and scope to complete its membership ballot. The new CLA will run from 1 January 2024 through 31 December 2025. Mail deliverers are looking at a pay rise of at least 19%, including the 9.9% increase in the legal minimum wage from 1 January 2024.

Maurice Unck, Director of Mail in the Netherlands, emphasised the importance of what’s been agreed: "Mail deliverers play a vital role in all our lives, from voting cards in elections to season’s greetings in December. This agreement reflects our appreciation for the important work they do and makes their jobs as mail deliverers more attractive, not least in the teeth of the challenges we’re facing in the postal market.”

New pay structure and employment benefits

A key element of the outcome is the new pay structure. This incorporates the recent increase in the legal minimum wage, which had pushed beyond pay scales for mail deliverers with effect from 1 July 2023. The new structure has five scales and once again reflects the work experience built up by mail deliverers. There will be four pay increases in the course of the new CLA, the last of which will take effect on 1 July 2025. By that date, mail deliverers’ pay will have added between 19% and 25% relative to 31 December 2023, including the 9.9% increase in the legal minimum wage from 1 January 2024.

In addition to these pay rises, there are agreements to raise pay for 16- and 17-year-olds, to end youth wages from age 18, and to grant various benefits and monthly payment of the holiday allowance to new mail deliverers. PostNL has also agreed with the unions to set up a joint task force (Taskforce Werkplezier) focusing on the enjoyment and energy mail deliverers derive from their jobs, which is to come up with specific proposals to enhance these aspects. Focus areas will include resources, long-term service and workwear.

Future of the postal service in the Netherlands

PostNL is doing everything in its power to keep mail accessible, reliable and affordable. As Maurice Unck observes: "The postal service in the Netherlands has long faced major challenges because of changing consumer needs, declining postal volumes and rising costs. We’re aware that, at 80%, our wage bill accounts for a significant proportion of our operating costs. Our responsibility is to strike the right balance between our appreciation for our people and keeping the postal service sustainable and accessible across the country.”

PostNL recently announced that it will be necessary to align the postal services network to its changing environment. This will also require a change to postal laws for it to be able to further adjust its network and so keep the postal service future-proof and financially healthy.

Agreement to be signed mid-April

The official CLA signing is scheduled to take place in some two weeks’ time. This should also give trade union FNV enough time and scope to complete its membership ballot. The agreement fits in with the financial outlook PostNL had previously shared with the markets.