New CLA for PostNL mail deliverers

Pay to rise by over 8% in 2022 and 2023

The Hague, the Netherlands, 30 May 2022 – Members of the Dutch trade unions Bond van Post Personeel (BVPP), CNV and FNV have approved the provisions of the agreement in principle on a new collective labour agreement (CLA) for nearly 16,500 mail deliverers. The trade unions and PostNL today signed off on the outcome and a new final CLA is now in place that provides a total pay rise of over 8% among other elements.

Pay rise and allowances

The agreement includes a structural pay rise of 4% effective 1 January 2022 and another 4% effective 1 January 2023, taking compensation for beginning postal workers above the legal minimum wage.

Other agreements concern allowances for bicycles, charging allowances for electric vehicles and travel expenses for commutes. In view of energy price trends, the charging allowance will be reviewed twice a year and adjusted where necessary.

Bob van Ierland, Director of Mail in the Netherlands, said: “We’re really happy to have reached this agreement with all of the trade unions involved in the negotiations. It’s a CLA that embodies appreciation for the important job our mail deliverers do, reflected in the pay rise and allowances. We’ve arrived at a CLA that is tailored to the postal market of the future but also matches the situation in a world of rising prices and tight labour markets – the effects of which we also feel keenly.”

Term of the new CLA

The collective labour agreement for PostNL’s mail deliverers runs from 1 October 2021 through to 31 December 2023 and applies to nearly 16,500 people.