PostNL new CLA agreements in principle with CNV and BVPP trade unions?

The Hague, the Netherlands, 6 January 2023 – PostNL and trade unions BVPP and CNV have signed agreements in principle on a new collective labour agreement (CLA) for PostNL and one for Saturday deliverers. The agreement specifies a total wage increase of up to 9.5% from 1 April 2022. In addition, February 2023 PostNL will make a one-time payment of 1.5% of annual salaries. ?Both unions' representatives are taking a positive view of both agreements in principle and are therefore putting these to their memberships.

Wages and additional payments

The agreements in principle envisage a structural wage rise totalling 9.5% over two years, with the lowest pay grades awarded relatively the highest increases. PostNL paid the first part of the rise in December 2022 and an 5%, split in three steps, will accrue to all employees governed by these CLAs from 1 June 2023. These three increments involve 2% in June and 2% in September 2023, plus 1% in January 2024. In addition, February 2023 will see an extra gross payment of 1.5% of annual salary.

Pension contribution paid by employees will remain unchanged for the duration of this CLA and will not be raised. PostNL and the unions have also reached agreement on a range of other issues.

Commuting allowance

The commuting allowance will be adjusted as follows:??

  • From €0.19 to €0.21 net per kilometre from 1 February 2023;
  • From €0.21 to €0.22 net per kilometre from 1 January 2024.?

Sustainable employability

PostNL will extend and expand the following arrangements for older employees in operations:

  • It will extend the scheme that allows older workers to work less but keep some of their employment benefits (“Regeling Duurzaam Doorwerken”);
  • It will expand its early retirement scheme (“Regeling voor Vervroegd Uittreden”) (three years prior to pensionable age): more employees will be eligible and payments under the scheme will also rise.

Being a good employer and client

In terms of its role as an employer and client, PostNL will also:

  • Implement paid transition leave for employees changing genders;
  • Implement a grief protocol for employees facing the loss of a loved one.

Consulting the membership

The outcomes of CNV’s and BVPP’s union member consultation are expected to be known by 20 January 2023. The collective labour agreement for PostNL will apply to nearly 18,000 people, with the one for Saturday deliverers covering around 200. Mail deliverers have their own CLA. The new CLAs will run for 24 months, starting on 1 April 2022 and ending on 31 March 2024.?“?Read the full text of the agreements in principle here and here.”

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