Response PostNL outcome postal dialogue

The Hague - PostNL welcomes the recommendations of the postal dialogue and the related conclusions of the junior minister Keijzer. In the dialogue, PostNL stressed the urgency of adjusting regulation in view of the far-reaching and irreversible changes in the Dutch postal market. These recommendations are an important step to safeguard the availability of postal delivery in rural and thinly populated areas.

Herna Verhagen, CEO of PostNL: “The recognition by the junior minister that regulation should reflect the strongly declining postal market, is an important step. Adjustment of current regulation is mandatory to safeguard the accessibility and reliability of the postal delivery for everyone in the Netherlands for the years to come. Consolidation is inevitable. It is the best solution for an affordable postal delivery and to manage the volume decline in a socially responsible manner. Because of the pace of the decline of the postal market, swift political action is important. The sector will benefit from clear choices and measures that allow for consolidation.

The report and the letter have just been published; PostNL will further review the conclusions and recommendations. Next steps will depend on the pace with which adjustment of regulations and other measures will be realised. PostNL will cooperate with all relevant stakeholders in taking the necessary next steps, carefully balancing the interests of customers, employees, shareholders and all other stakeholders.

The conclusions of the junior minister do not trigger an adjustment of the expected financial impact of the ACM measures currently. The same applies to the outlook for the underlying cash operating income for 2018 and the ambition for the 2020 underlying cash operating income for 2020.

Read more in the unofficial translation of the letter dated 15 June 2018