Pick up your parcel at a service point

If we are unable to complete delivery, we’ll leave you a note and drop off your parcel at a service point. Enter the ‘missed delivery' code on our tracking page to find out where you can pick up your parcel. Parcels are usually available for pick-up the next day from 3 p.m. (Monday through Saturday).

Bring your ID

Depending on the type of shipment, you may be required to show identification in order to take delivery of your parcel. Check our tracking page to see if this is the case. Accepted forms of ID are:

  • passport
  • driving licence
  • European ID card

Signature for delivery

In some cases we may ask you to sign for delivery (usually at the request of the sender). If so, it will be indicated on our tracking page.

Payment upon delivery

International deliveries are subject to import duties and taxes, depending on their value and country of origin. The amount due will be shown on our tracking page.

Can someone else pick up my parcel?

Sure! Please note however that this person will have to show ID as well as the note left by our driver. We may also ask him/her for your address information.

Undeliverable parcels

Undeliverable parcels are returned to sender after one week.

Pick-up points and opening hours

Parcel unavailable?

On rare occasions, your parcel may not be available at the designated pick-up point. If so, please refer to our tracking page for the correct location.