Questions about the rush


Why is my mail late?

Just like many other businesses, we're facing difficulties in hiring staff. Consequently, we currently have a shortage of delivery personnel in certain areas. For this reason, your mail may occasionally arrive a bit later.

According to the track & trace, my mailbox package has been delivered, but it hasn't. What now?

All parcels are scanned as 'delivered' at once after a delivery service. Sometimes a parcel is delayed. Then you'll see in the tracking system that your parcel is marked as delivered when it actually isn't yet. So, no need to panic: there's a high chance that your parcel will be delivered in the next few days. Therefore, we recommend waiting another 2-3 days.

When will my mail arrive?

We totally understand your frustration when your mail is delayed. Rest assured, we are committed to delivering your mail as quickly as possible into your mailbox.

What are you doing about it?

Of course, we do everything possible to deliver your mail as quickly as we can. For instance, we combine routes and employ temp agencies and delivery entrepreneurs. 

To address the shortage of mail carriers, we're striving to attract as many people as possible to work with us. For example, we offer new mail carriers a permanent contract from day one. You can find more information in our job listings

What can I do myself?

We recommend you wait a little longer. It is likely that your mail will still arrive soon. If you want to keep track of which mail is on its way to you, use the ‘Mijn Post’ feature in the PostNL app. In the app, you can also easily follow your parcels and mailbox parcels with track & trace.