About us

Wie we zijn

Who we are

We deliver for everyone. We deliver parcels every day and mail five days a week. On a weekday, we deliver on average 900,000 parcels and 6.8 million letters throughout the Benelux.

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Onze strategie

Our strategy

Our purpose is to deliver special moments, and our ambition is to be “Your favourite deliverer”. Both inspire us to keep working on our strategy to become the logistics and postal solutions provider in the Benelux.

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Hoe we werken

Our organisation

We deliver millions of letters and parcels every year, we offer customised logistics solutions and we devise services that take us and our customers further. Our networks – in the Benelux and beyond those borders – are an important foundation for our services.

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Our people

If it weren’t for our people, there would be no PostNL. That is why we foster a work environment that makes our employees feel at home and gives them the opportunity to grow and develop.

Corporate responsibility

We have an impact on the world around us, and we take our responsibility for our people, the environment and society seriously.

Growth and innovation

The enormous growth of e-commerce, societal changes like an ageing population and individualism and the rise of new technologies offer PostNL opportunities for growth and innovation.

Our governance

Our Board of Management is responsible for determining and implementing our strategy. The Supervisory Board monitors and advises.

Market and regulation

The key legislation for our activities is the Dutch Postal Act 2009. This Act sets the requirements for the Universal Service Obligation. We’re also subject to other regulations, both national and international.


We are committed to fairness and transparency in all our business activities. The integrity program is embedded in our Business Principles. You’ll find the guidelines, procedures and group policies here.

Hoofdkantoor PostNL

Head office

Prinses Beatrixlaan 23
2595 AK The Hague
The Netherlands

P.O. Box 30250
2500 GG The Hague

+31 88 868 6161

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