Collection, sorting and delivery in the Netherlands and abroad

From Tiel to Tokyo

We deliver most mail in the Netherlands. We also deliver packages. We do this not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium and Luxembourg. We also deliver mail and packages to and from all over the world. Whether it concerns a personal letter, enormous construction kit or refrigerated medicine. Whatever you receive, we are happy to be your favourite deliverer.

Mail in the Netherlands

We have been delivering mail in the Netherlands for more than 225 years. A responsibility we are proud of. Every piece of mail and letterbox parcel travels a carefully planned route so that we can deliver them on time and to the right place.

Mail for everyone

Everyone should be able to receive mail in the Netherlands. This is stated in the law and is arranged with the Universal Postal Service (UPD). We carry out the UPD on behalf of the government. This means, among other things, that we:

  • collect, sort and deliver mail 5 days a week
  • collect and deliver funeral and medical mail 6 days a week
  • ensure that everyone has a letterbox and PostNL point nearby
  • deliver at least 95% the next day

6.9 million

letters being delivered every day


mailboxes in The Netherlands

Packages in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg

We deliver packages throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. We deliver products and provide services for consumers and business customers. With our logistics solutions we arrange everything for online stores that has to do with sending a package. From refrigerated transport for medicines to the delivery and installation of washing machines and refrigerators.

1.1 million

parcels being delivered every day


PostNL locations

PostNL international: worldwide network

We not only deliver mail and packages in and from the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg, we do so to and from all over the world. Thanks to our collaboration with a large number of international partners, we have a global network. Have you ordered something in England or are you expecting a letter from a family member in South Africa or America? There's a good chance we'll deliver it.

We have partners in 190 countries. We offer global shipping solutions for mail, parcels, returns and e-commerce.

More about PostNL

Sustainability: our route to net zero

As a major player in logistics, we feel the responsibility to contribute to a society that values people, the environment, and the community. We are committed to more sustainable logistics.

The history of mail and parcels

From the very first letter to the next package. Curious what that road looked like? We take you back in time.

Teaching materials for primary schools

The world of mail and parcels: there is a lot to tell about it. That is why we have free lesson packages for primary school students.