Our strategy

Our purpose is to deliver special moments, and our ambition is to be “Your favourite deliverer”. Both inspire us to keep working on our strategy to become the logistics and postal solutions provider in the Benelux.

We are a people company and our people play an indispensable role in our strategy. We create a work environment in which employees have the opportunity to develop their skills and work with adequate tools, and together we deliver the right customer experience. As part of our drive to keep it simple but smart, we are accelerating the digitalisation of the customer journey and our logistic networks and processes. At the same, time we continue to develop our business models and network capacity to capture growth and achieve a solid and sustainable financial performance.

Our key drivers to achieve this are:

  • Capture growth of e-commerce
  • Manage capacity
  • Deliver smart logistic solutions
  • Enhance customer interaction
  • Lead through business model innovations

As part of our journey to become the favourite deliverer, we are working to provide our customers with the best possible logistic network solutions. We are investing in and managing our network capacity, helping to support the growth in e-commerce. We are improving our service quality and operational efficiencies to exceed customers' expectations. And we are using data and digitalisation to innovate our business models, improving our services and solutions, our logistic processes and our dense networks. Together, these developments help our customers grow their business and flourish.

To increase customer value we need to solve their business needs and wishes. This means delivering smart logistic solutions, ensuring their shipments are moved swiftly, efficiently and sustainably from collection to delivery. It means enhancing our customer interaction, by developing data and digital solutions that provide them with the right solution wherever and whenever they need it. And it means leading through business model innovations, bringing innovative value propositions to the market.

Our key strategic objectives are:

  • Secure a sustainable mail business
  • Attract and retain motivated people
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Deliver profitable growth and generate sustainable cash flow

Within Parcels we want to shape the growth in the e-commerce market and concentrate on balancing volume and value, such as by developing new markets, creating new packaging solutions, or offering new delivery options. We will also invest in our operations, such as network capacity and digital solutions, increasing efficiency and improving customer service. This will include developing in-house fulfilment centres for customers, or constructing new sorting centres focused exclusively on small parcels.

In our international business we are enabling customers and consumers to tap into the growing global e-commerce market. Spring, for example, will focus on diversifying its portfolio in 2020, providing customers with more value-added options. And to maximise our operational efficiency, we will continue look for synergies across our networks and between our businesses.

Our Mail business is focusing on continually improving the customer experience in a declining market. We are strengthening operational excellence and achieving cost savings by optimising our processes and increasing flexibility, such as increasing automatic sequence sorting on our SMX (sorting machine extra) machines, and introducing a new delivery model across our mail operations. At the same time, we use data and IT to innovate. This includes further developing our digital capabilities, such as those offered in our app, which helps mail remain attractive in today's digital society.