Our employees

Room for everyone

We are PostNL, your favorite deliverer.. We deliver 1.1 million parcels and 6.9 million letters every day. This way, we connect people and businesses worldwide. We need our 37,000 employees to make this happen. Each and every colleague is valuable to our company. That's why we ensure an attractive and safe workplace. A place where people can be themselves.

On the road every day

Every day, 5,000 parcel deliverers deliver parcels across the Netherlands. From Hulst to Holwerd. And from Tuesday to Saturday, more than 15,000 mail deliverers deliver mail from about 2,300 depots to every street in the Netherlands. We know the Netherlands better than our own pockets.

Inclusivity in the workplace

Who are all these people? We want to be a reflection of society. A place where everyone can feel at home. Anywhere in our company. That is crucial to providing a healthy and sustainable work environment. That's why we signed the Diversity Charter and the Talent to the Top Charter. And we are affiliated with the diversity portal of the SER. This commits us to more diversity in the workplace. And we do this internally as well, including with:

  • Our women's network Women's Inclusion Network
  • Our LGBTQ+ network PostNL Pride
  • Our Young PostNL network
  • 3D analyses of teams

Additionally, we offer various cultural training sessions, such as multicultural craftsmanship and intercultural communication. We also conduct diversity and inclusion surveys among our employees every 4 years. Together with market research firm Ipsos, we developed the Diversity Index. This index tells us to what extent colleagues feel accepted and have equal opportunities. Several organizations have adopted this survey, creating a national benchmark.

Want to know more? Read about our diversity and inclusion policy.

How we create a place where everyone can be themselves:

  • We are committed to gender equality
  • As one of the first companies, we have paid transition leave
  • We ensure equal pay for equal work
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination

About PostNL Pride

Everyone is equal with us. Regardless of origin, skin colour, gender, or sexual orientation. To ensure our LGBTQ+ colleagues feel at home with us, we have PostNL Pride. For example, we organize activities around coming out day. Research shows that 89% of our international LGBTQ+ colleagues feel accepted at PostNL. Watch the video where our CEO Herna talks about Coming Out Day:

The safety and health of our people

Healthy and engaged employees make our company. That's why we have a health policy. It helps us achieve our goals. We want our employees to stay healthy and fit, with a proper work-life balance. Now and in the future. Read more about it in our policy statement.

Some figures: our Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) in 2023 was 2.03. This figure indicates the safety of our staff. It represents the number of work accidents causing absenteeism per 1 million hours worked. In 2020, our LTIFR was 2.23, in 2021 it was 1.83, and in 2022 it was 1.9.

PostNL's collective labor agreements

We are one of the largest employers in the Netherlands and have 3 collective labour agreements. The PostNL CLA applies to nearly 18,000 employees, the mail deliverers CLA to more than 15,000 mail deliverers, and the Saturday deliverers CLA to about 300 employees. In addition, we have a few smaller collective agreements for business units that fall under PostNL.

The right people in the right place

We want to be successful with the right people in the right place. From our delivery drivers to our HR advisors and from our sorters to our purchasing managers. That's why we encourage every employee to grow. With us and in their personal lives. By giving trust and taking control. All colleagues can, for example, use our PostNL Academy. They choose which training or course they want to take.

Talent and Performance Management

At PostNL, we want to know, utilize, and grow all employees and their talents. Our annual Talent and Performance Cycle helps managers place the right talent in the right place at the right time. The steps we take for this, we document in our HR management systems for all employees. This way, PostNL remains a great workplace where employees can learn and grow. And that contributes to our ambition to be your favourite deliverer.

Evaluations for employees from scale 5

Employees from scale 5 have regular individual check-ins and development conversations with their manager. There are also annual appraisal conversations to discuss performance and ambitions. At the team level, managers discuss team performance and talent development with the management team during appraisal and talent reviews. And in addition, continuous conversations about objectives, improvement, and development (agile conversations) take place within the 100 agile teams. This way, we get a good picture of the talent present, which helps us create effective succession plans.

Evaluations for employees up to scale 5

Managers have at least 1 performance conversation per year with employees up to scale 5. These conversations cover topics such as job satisfaction, results, and development. These performance conversations ensure that employees are well guided and can continue to develop within PostNL.

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