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Social well-being

We are the connection

Our thousands of parcel and mail deliverers visit every street of this country every day, transporting and delivering a wide range of products through our dense network. We want to leverage this unique presence even more broadly, so that we don’t just drop off mail and parcels but also contribute to a healthier and more sociable society.

Social sponsorships

Our company’s role in society is an important part of our sponsorship policy. We don’t just deliver mail and parcels as sustainably as possible; we also offer a helping hand to people who need extra support to stay connected with society. We support various organisations with social sponsorships We commit ourselves every day of the year through the commitment of our people, our network, our resourses and if necessary with a well-considered financial contribution.

Stichting Jarige Job

There are children in very poor families that have no money to spare for birthdays. Stichting Jarige Job helps by giving a birthday box. This box contains everything you need to organize a real birthday, at home and at school!

PostNL delivers these packages. In addition, we collect gifts for these children and stimulate the donation of these gifts. People can send their donations to PostNL and we provide the delivery to these households. Nowadays, more than 80,000 children celebrate their birthday every year with the help of Stichting Jarige Job.

Stichting Jarige Job

Stichting Jarige Job focuses on the Netherlands’ over 60,000 children in very poor families that have no money to spare for birthdays. People can give gifts they want to donate directly to PostNL and we deliver them to these households. Check out the video to find out more about our collaboration with Stichting Jarige Job.

National elderly fund

As part of the pro bono usage of our logistics network, we also participate in a project by the Nationaal Ouderenfonds. Everyone is asked to write to a special someone who deserves a little extra attention during the festive season. We ensure that the Christmas cards are delivered to residential care centers. This helps to pull vulnerable senior citizens a little more into society, especially if they feel they’re living their lives on the outside.

Stichting Kinderpostzegels

Known by its motto “for children by children”, Stichting Kinderpostzegels is committed to helping children who need extra support. This Dutch charity for children is familiar across the country for its annual stamps drive, in which PostNL is a partner, and which sees children help other children by selling stamps. Kinderpostzegels uses the proceeds to help children develop towards a better future and targets, among other groups, children who can’t grow up with their own parents (foster care), children who can’t go to school because they have to work or find it hard to keep up (education), and children who have had horrible experiences in early childhood (coping with trauma).

The King Games

PostNL delivers parcels for the King Games to all participating schools, enabling schools in the Netherlands and the Caribbean to participate in this sports event by sending parcels. The sponsorship reflects our core business purpose of being a connecting force.

Diversity charter

The pursuit of cultural, social and ethnic diversity is part of our organisation’s identity. We promote the application of the principles of equal opportunities and diversity for all, and are committed to at least one concrete challenge aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion: a minimum 15% structural intake of management trainees from a migrant background.

Talent to the Top Charter

We’re active in the Talent to the Top Charter. Its aim is to achieve higher intake, promotion and retention of female talent in top jobs. Promoting a more proportionate representation is done within the requirements of Dutch equal treatment laws, while we also promote balance in the number of men and women in management positions. Diversity and equality are important to us, which is why it’s vital that we continue to focus on this issue. Our ultimate goal is full gender balance in management positions.


PostNL is a partner in the Agora network, which brings together different types of talent from all over the world. Organisations can make the difference when tapping into different backgrounds and perspectives, because customers of many organisations are also becoming more diverse, as is the labour market. We work together to promote internal cultural diversity, not only on the bottom rungs but higher up as well, as that’s where we’ll make the difference.

Sustainable operations partnerships

We’re a logistics company, so our huge fleet, locations throughout the country and daily linehaul have a significant environmental impact. But we aim to be as sustainable as possible, so we’re continuously working to keep this impact as low as possible. That’s why we work together with various organisations to reduce climate impact. We donate our Green Post revenues to Natuurmonumenten, an organisation that buys, protects and manages nature reserves in the Netherlands. And we’ve developed a carbon tool with, a Dutch digital commerce network. – Consciously delivered is the industry association for the e-commerce sector in the Netherlands, representing the interests of web shops, logistics service providers and other stakeholders within this industry. An important focus area of is sustainability and carbon efficiency in the supply chain. It has developed a carbon calculation tool together with industry leaders such as, Wehkamp, Coolblue, Otto, DHL, Dynalogic and PostNL, to report and monitor carbon emissions per parcel. The tool also helps to create awareness among consumers, as it shows the most sustainable delivery option.


We are a founding partner of ShoppingTomorrow, a network platform through which we participate in different expert groups to discuss future consumer behaviour and its impact on the e-commerce sector. PostNL contributes to several expert groups: sustainable packaging, food delivery, data security and circular economy.

Missing Chapter partnership

Kids Council – a Missing Chapter Foundation and Unicef Nederland initiative – helps us develop strategies on important issues and topics. PostNL is one of over 60 companies that has a kids council. Ours has pupils from groups 7/8 from Liduina Basisschool in The Hague.

IPC Drivers’ Challenge partnership

PostNL participates in the International Post Corporation (IPC) Drivers’ Challenge, with its drivers becoming aware of their own influence on the fuel economy. We hold a national competition for all PostNL drivers where driving skills and fuel efficiency are measured, and the winners then participate in the international IPC Drivers’ Challenge which takes place in a different European country every year.

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