What can you do for sustainability?

6 tips for more conscious sending and receiving

We want to deliver with as little CO₂ emissions as possible. And you can do a lot to help. See how we can reduce our impact on the planet together.

1. Have your parcel delivered efficiently

Did you know that you can help us by simply setting your delivery preferences? If you choose delivery to a PostNL point or parcel locker, it saves us from making extra kilometres. Our deliverer can then deliver your parcels and those of others at the same place in one go. And if you really want to do it right, pick up your parcel by bike or on foot. This way, you don’t emit any extra CO₂ yourself.

2. Be economical with your returns

Do you want to return something and have you ordered something else? Hand it directly to the deliverer when we deliver your parcel (return at the door). This saves you and us extra kilometres. And always keep the original packaging if you are unsure about your order. By sending your return in the same packaging it came in, you can easily prevent waste.

3. Smart packing and sending

Do you have a parcel to send? Pack it as efficiently as possible. On our website, you can find all sorts of handy packaging. The chances are high that the perfect box for your parcel is among them. This way, you send as little ‘air’ as possible. And we have more space left in our vans, so we can take more parcels with us in one go.

4. Have your clothes cleaned for a fresh second chance

Do you have clothes that you still want to wear but are difficult to clean? Just hand them over to us. We take your clothes to our partner Dobbi, where they are washed – or steamed if necessary. Within 3 days, we’re back at your door with your clean clothes. So you can wear them again right away.

5. Make someone happy with your old clothes

Do you have clothes that you no longer wear but are still in good condition? Don’t throw them away, but pass them on to someone else! Through our cooperation with the Salvation Army and Dobbi, you can donate your old clothes and shoes at more than 800 PostNL points. The Salvation Army will then find a new wearer for your clothes.

6. Small enough for a letterbox? No need to travel with the van

Do you have a small and - most importantly - thin parcel to send? Then send it as a letterbox parcel. That way, we can deliver it with our mail services, on foot or by bike. And it gives our parcel deliverers more space in their van for other parcels. In our webshop, you can find letterbox boxes in all kinds of sizes.

More about sustainability

Our sustainability approach

As a major player in logistics, we take our role in society very seriously. That is why we put a lot of effort into making our organization and processes more sustainable.

More sustainability tips?

Are you eager to do more after reading these tips? Milieu Centraal provides all sorts of tips and information. There is always something that fits your needs and situation.