Oisterwijk scoop: first letter and parcel machine PostNL placed

Oisterwijk, 29 May 2019 – Since Wednesday 29 May the local people of Oisterwijk have had the possibility to use the first letter and parcel machine of PostNL of the town. This letter and parcel machine is the 86th machine in the Netherlands. With the machine in Oisterwijk PostNL is taking the next step in the test to let consumers receive and send parcels at a moment that suits them.

Nationwide trial

“We are very happy with this letter and parcel machine in Oisterwijk”, according to Jean-Luc Otten, Business Development Manager at PostNL. “In 2016 we launched the trial with the letter and parcel machine. In the meanwhile there are letter and parcel machines in Almere, Zuid-Limburg (Beringe, Grashoek, Klimmen, Limbricht, Schinnen, Wessem), Tilburg, Breda, Amersfoort, Amsterdam, The Hague, Geertruidenberg, Hardinxveld-Giesendam, Stein, Nijmegen, Zwolle, Harderwijk and so also in Oisterwijk. That brings the total number to 86. This letter and parcel machine in Oisterwijk is located at the border of an industrial area and a residential area. It is a beautiful location to gain new experiences and understand more about the decisions users taken when receiving and sending parcels.”

Machine in the front garden

The letter and parcel machine is located at Schijfstraat 23, in the ‘front garden’ of Last Mile Logistics. Owner of Last Mile Logistics Bart Sebregts: “We have been supplying electronics and software for the letter and parcel machine since the start of the trial. How great it is for me, as a supplier, to have a letter and parcel machine in front of the door! It is also very handy for the residents of the neighbourhood a little bit further on. But also for ourselves: we send and receive enough parcels every day. And perhaps even finer: we can immediately show potential customers what we are doing.”

Operation of the letter and parcel machines

The letter and parcel machines consist of a letterbox with two openings and several parcel safes in different sizes. They can be used to send and receive parcels, while also serving as a letterbox. Due to the growth in online shopping, consumers are sending and receiving more and more parcels. PostNL offers consumers more and more delivery options. We deliver parcels to the home, to the neighbours or to a post office or parcel point during the daytime, evenings and weekends. The machines are installed near to or at locations where there is already a letterbox, replacing the old letterboxes. PostNL is continuing to expand its network of parcel points, including these machines. For more information, visit www.postnl.nl/pba.