Third letter to customers regarding Belgium

The Hague, April 19, 2022 - PostNL understands that customers may have questions about the accusations that have been published in Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws and sent out this letter today:

Dear customer,

Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws today publishes new allegations directed at PostNL Belgium. Again, the allegations (that some delivery partners would still be working with minors) are based on anonymus sources and can’t be verified.

Similar allegations were made in November last year. None of our daily controls and checks with 100% coverage have given us any reason to think that this is actually happening. The veracity of anonymous sources and blurred videos can’t be checked by us or by anyone else.

We have called upon the journalist to share any relevant facts and report to the Justice department, which would be the right course to take.

PostNL applies sound and social labour practices for people working with or for us. We comply with the law, work in accordance with the rules and our own business principles. We share the outcomes of our own checks with the social inspection continuously.

I wanted to make sure to inform you of our response to the publicity. Please let me know if you have any questions.