Zaandijk exclusive: first PostNL parcel machine at filling station De Haan

The Hague, 4 February 2019 – The residents of Zaandijk can also send and receive parcels again, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is because since today a letter and parcel machine of PostNL has been placed at filling station De Haan at Fortuinweg 3 in Zaandijk. This machine is a new initiative for De Haan in the service level towards its clients, and for PostNL it is a next step in its test with the letter and parcel machine.

No longer need to queue again

From today consumers in Zaandijk can use the innovative letter and parcel machine of PostNL to receive their parcels and/or send their letters and parcels. Jean-Luc Otten, Business Development Manager at PostNL. ‘Consumers are increasingly shopping online. They send and receive an increasing number of parcels, and want to do this when and where it is convenient for them. When you pass this petrol station every day, you can pick up your parcel on the way to your work or on the way home. And you don't have to queue anymore at a post office or parcel point. The location at the filling station is also ideal for all residents of the surrounding neighbourhoods.’

Addition to new concept

For De Haan the letter and parcel machine in Zaandijk is a fine addition to a new concept. Arnold-Willem de Haan, responsible for shop development: ‘As a filling station company we try to make an adequate assessment of the local needs of our customers. We extensively renovated our location in Zaandijk last September and added a new concept: Tony’s Coffee & More. The focus of concept is on coffee and services. We are convinced that a letter and parcel machine would fit in very well here and certainly think that this is possible at more locations.’ De Haan and PostNL are currently examining how they can intensify this new cooperation.

Test letter and parcel machine

The letter and parcel machine consist of a postbox with two openings and several parcel safes. The machine can send and receive parcels at a moment decided by the consumers themselves. PostNL started the test with the letter and parcel machine in Almere with 15 machines at the end of 2016. Limburg and Tilburg followed in 2017. In 2018 PostNL extended the test to Breda, Amersfoort, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Geertruidenberg, Stein, Nijmegen and Zwolle. PostNL continues to extend its network on the basis of the wishes of business clients and consumers, and this also includes these machines. In the meanwhile there are 66 letter and parcel machines in the Netherlands, including the machine in Zaandijk. See for more information.

First PostNL parcel machine at filling station De Haan