Thousands of extra parcel deliverers to join PostNL’s own payroll

As many as possible on permanent contracts

The Hague, the Netherlands, 25 August 2022 – PostNL will recruit thousands of parcel deliverers onto its own payroll over the next few years. It is boosting three crucial elements in its way of working: as many permanent contracts as possible, longstanding partnerships and climate-friendly delivery. PostNL aims to ensure that, over time, at least half of all parcels are delivered by people in its employ. This number is currently at 1,900 and should grow to around 6,000 deliverers. Meanwhile, delivery partners will be actively encouraged to grow, to further professionalise and to green their services. For parcels deliverers working at delivery partners, permanent contracts remain the standard as well.

Herna Verhagen, PostNL’s CEO: “As the country’s largest mail and parcel company, we’re well aware of our social role and responsibilities. We want to be a good and social employer, and act as leaders where we can. It’s what we’ve been doing for years. Today, we announced that we’ll be scaling up to some 6,000 parcel deliverers in permanent PostNL employment and that we plan to make further improvements to our partnerships with delivery partners.” 

As many permanent contracts as possible

Over the next few years, PostNL will recruit thousands of extra parcel deliverers into its own employment, aiming for at least half of its parcels to be delivered by deliverers in PostNL employ over time. To adequately respond to developments in its mail and parcel markets, PostNL must constantly adapt. This requires investment in innovation and sustainability as much as in being a good employer and client. In 2015, for example, all self-employed workers were invited to accept permanent contracts with PostNL, collective labour agreements (CLAs) are the standard for all people working at and for the company, and all postmen and women are offered a permanent contract when they join. In addition, PostNL cooperates closely with sheltered workplace companies across the country to offer work to some 1,600 people who face challenges in the labour market.

Longstanding partnerships

The fundamental growth of the market for parcels, expected social developments and changes in terms of labour and sustainability, also demand adjustments in the way PostNL works with its delivery partners. PostNL aims for longstanding collaboration and is happy with its over 500 delivery partners, with which it has been working for many years and to mutual satisfaction. PostNL will encourage and support them to grow further and scale up. After all, larger companies are typically more robust and agile, with more time to fine-tune their operations and greater financial scope to invest in sustainability. 

Climate-friendly delivery

PostNL has ambitious climate targets in place and is working towards emission-free delivery in the last mile by 2030. Larger companies typically have more leeway to invest in electrified transport, charging infrastructure and other climate-friendly measures. To help delivery partners become more sustainable, growth is crucial. In addition, PostNL will help pay towards the extra costs of electric parcel vans, offering a one-off bonus of €2,000 per electric parcel van ordered in 2022.