When will my parcel be delivered?

Use track & trace online or in the app to see the latest updates about your parcel any time, no matter whether you are the sender or the recipient. Or enter the track & trace code (barcode or missed delivery code) and the postal code of the recipient below. Then you can see when we will deliver your parcel right away.

What time will the delivery be?

We cannot say exactly when the delivery will arrive at your doorstep. It all depends on the number of parcels, the weather and the traffic on the way. Keep an eye on the track & trace for the latest updates.

Sending and receiving international parcels

If you are expecting a parcel from abroad, then your parcel might not yet have arrived in the Netherlands or at our international depot. Check the status below.

The time it takes for your mail or parcel to arrive depends on the destination. You can see how many days parcels and mail need for each destination below.