Shipment conditions

International rules for sending post and parcels

Some goods and substances may not be sent abroad. Keep in mind the international rules. This prevents customs from seizing or destroying your post. How long does it take a parcel to reach its destination?

How long does it take a parcel to reach its destination? View the delivery time per country.

Generally prohibited goods and substances

The following goods and substances are prohibited by law to ship in every country:

  • perfume and aftershave
  • lithium (batteries)
  • aerosols (e.g. deodorants, air fresheners, hairspray and whipped cream)

Gases (flammable and non-flammable)

Flammable liquids

Flammable solids

Oxidising agents and organic peroxides

Toxic and infectious substances

Radioactive materials

Acidic substances

Drugs and intoxicants

Lithium (batteries) and magnets

Excise goods

Weapons (covered by the Arms and Ammunition Act)

Explosive substances and goods

Pornographic materials

Human and animal material

Live animals

Additional prohibited items per country

Many countries made additions to the general list of prohibited goods and substances. Below you will find these additions for the countries where most post is sent to. It also says what can be sent under certain conditions.

United States








New Zealand


Is the country of destination not listed? Consult the customs site of the country concerned for a complete list.

Useful information when shipping to a country outside the EU