Our purpose

To be your favourite deliverer

From a sweet postcard to a thoughtful package: we deliver special moments. We do that for everyone. For you. Your grandma. Your best friend. That distant acquaintance. And we ensure that everyone can send and receive easily by keeping it simple. We also want to be your favorite deliverer. That's our purpose.

This is how we deliver special moments

We deliver for everyone

Our deliverers understand that every hello and every contact is valuable. They are the ones who walk or drive past your front door almost every day. They deliver birth announcements and are not surprised if a month later there is an extra name on the nameplate next to the front door. They know who is always home. Where the dog barks and which doorbell has a cheerful tone. They are all colleagues who are the indispensable link between senders and receivers.

From delivering mail and packages to helping customers with smart digital solutions and services. By working together we can achieve our goal: to be everyone's favourite deliverer.

PostNL Special Moments Fund

Too many people are on their own. Or could really use some support. The purpose of the PostNL Special Moments Fund is to help those people. We give people a helping hand, pay attention to loneliness and help community centers. We do this through projects with 8 social organizations.