Changing the way we do business

The rise of a whole host of digital ways of communicating has led to a decline in the mail volumes we deliver. That said, increasing digitalisation also creates fresh opportunities for PostNL, for our customers and for consumers – at Mail as much as at Parcels. Digitalisation changes the way we do business.

Digitalisation as strategy

As part of our ambition to become your favourite deliverer, we’re continuously looking for the next innovation or logistics solution, making digitalisation a key part of our strategy. We’re investing in network capacity and helping the market for e-commerce to grow. Data and digitalisation help us to refresh our business model, services, logistics processes and networks step by step. And of course we’re using these digital solutions to exceed our customers’ expectations through ever more efficient and high-quality service. All of which helps our customers to grow their business and flourish.

What digitalisation means for PostNL

We serve our customers by providing three essential core activities: collecting, sorting and delivering. Digitalisation helps us enhance and improve these activities, with our customers enjoying smart logistics solutions and improved customer experience. That’s why we invest in further digitalisation, data analysis, and innovation of our products and processes to realise higher levels of economic productivity and remain a relevant and competitive player in the postal market going forward.

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Indispensable role for our people

We’re a people company first and foremost. Our people grow as we invest and we invest in their digital skills at all levels of our company. We also regularly recruit new talent that can help us expand our data and IT programmes further. All ways in which we encourage the digital mindset that will help us transform our business.

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Looking ahead: how we see the future

Our direction of travel is a company-wide digital transformation. Current and future trends that will impact our markets include data-driven insights and process digitalisation. This means better forecasting of supply and demand, enabling route optimisation. Digitalisation will also lead to smoother ordering and better payment and delivery processes, and we’ll continue to accelerate the digitalisation of our products, customer journeys and channels – with every decision informed by our customers and consumers, of course.