Letterbox packet+

Delivered sustainably and directly with Track & Trace

If your webshop products fit through the letterbox, then with a letterbox packet, they are delivered directly via the Netherlands’ most sustainable network.

Advantages of letterbox packets

  • Delivered directly

    Letterbox packages fit through the letterbox. So, your customer doesn’t need to be at home to receive them. Nice and easy!

  • Even more sustainable

    We deliver letterbox packages by foot or bike. That makes it even more sustainable. That’s a plus as 66% of online shoppers consider sustainability important.

  • Economical shipment

    Shipping is more economical with smaller packets. That is how Vodafone saves money

Does your product fit in a letterbox packet?

From razor blades to children’s clothing, if it’s small it will easily fit in a letterbox package. Do your products fit in such a package? A letterbox package is a maximum of 38 x 26.5 x 3.2 cm and weighs no more than 2 kg.

How do letterbox packages work?

  1. 1

    Choose the right packaging

    As a business customer, you can buy letterbox packaging at an even more affordable price via our packaging webshop. If your item does not fit through the letterbox, send it as a parcel.

  2. 2

    Pay the postage for your letterbox packages

    As a business customer, you can easily pay for postage on your letterbox packages via Mijn PostNL.

  3. 3

    Hand over your letterbox packages

    Once you have properly packaged everything and the address details are correct, hand over your letterbox packages to a PostNL point near you or at one of our Business Points.

    If you would rather have your letterbox packages collected, use our pick up service.

  4. 4

    Follow your letterbox packages with Track & Trace

    You can find a handy overview of the letterbox packages you have sent in Mijn PostNL. Your customers can easily follow their packages via the PostNL app or our website.

    Tip: If you use an API or plug-in, you can find all the information your IT department needs to get started with letterbox packages on our page for developers.

What does a letterbox package cost?

If you send more than 500 letterbox packages per year, then you pay less per package with a contract.

Who else uses letterbox packages?


A smaller package makes a big difference. Vodofone realised that too. By adapting their packaging, they not only send more sustainably, but also more economically.

The Brownie Box

The delicious brownies from The Brownie Box fit perfectly through a letterbox. Thanks to the right letterbox packaging, they safely land on the customer’s doormat. Without crumbs!


Phone-Factory.nl sends telephone covers and other accessories in letterbox packages. This leaves their customer service more time to provide real service.


With Kaartje2go, you can send gifts or packs of cards. Thanks to letterbox packages, customers can follow their order. That way, they know exactly where they stand.