Grow your e-commerce business with data

Data provides accurate customer insights. The more you know about your customers, the more you can anticipate their wishes and behaviour. This strengthens customer contact, reduces costs and grows your business.

Address validation API: always the right address

Always the right address? Our address validation API automatically checks and completes entered address data in your check-out. The address validation also adjusts addresses to the right format, making sure your delivery service recognizes them and parcels always arrive at the right address. Our address validation ensures higher customer satisfaction, increase in conversion and more control of deliveries worldwide.

  • Guarantees up-to-date and complete address data, in all international address formats
  • Speeds up the ordering process: easier and error-free for your customer
  • Avoids delivery delays and unnecessary returns

Address Insights: enrich your data with customer profiles

Create relevant target audiences for your marketing activities by combining your webshop customer data with our address insights. Detailed profiles paint a clearer picture of your existing and new customers. This gives you continuous insight into differences, similarities and shifts between customer segments. It allows you to target your customers as personally as possible.

  • Receive real-time insight into your current and new customer base
  • Personalize your marketing based on these insights
  • Achieve higher conversion and customer satisfaction
  • Customer segments are available for the Dutch market only

Postal code database

With the postal code database, all Dutch addresses in your customer database are correct, up to date and complete. This ensures reliable master data and facilitates sustainable contact with your customers.

  • Decide whether you want to receive weekly or monthly updates
  • The postal code database is available with individual house numbers and house number ranges

Digitising documents

Do you receive a lot of physical documents that need to be processed? Outsource this time-consuming job to us. We digitize all your incoming physical documents, such as mail (returns), paper forms and reply cards. We deliver them quickly and digitally to the right people. This saves you both time and money.

  • Digitized documents can be viewed anywhere, anytime
  • ISO 27001 certified (Information Security)
  • Files are sent and stored via a secure server