Sending business parcels

Choose the best option for your company and your customers

Go for reliability and convenience and let us take care of your parcels. We would be happy to help you get the most out of your company, for example with our flexible sending and return options. Make your customers happy! You’ll see it reflected in your turnover.

Benefits for our business customers

  • Volume discount from 100 parcels per year
  • Flexible sending and return options for your customer
  • Easily prepare parcels online, including international deliveries
  • Pick up or drop off parcels at 3,750 locations

What is your shipping rate?

Your shipping rate depends on the format and quantity of parcels you are sending. You can save with smaller parcels and as a regular business customer, you will receive a volume discount: the more parcels you send each year, the more you benefit.

How does it work?

Sign up as a business contract customer. As a customer, you will receive a free account for our online Mijn PostNL environment. Are you ready to get sending? It’s easy:

  1. Get the parcels ready to send in Mijn PostNL. You will receive a free account for this online environment when you become a customer. 2. Select your additional shipping options for added security or convenience.
  2. Print the shipping labels and place them on the parcels.
  3. Have the parcels collected or drop them off at one of our 3,750 PostNL points.
  4. Once a week, you will receive a comprehensive invoice of all the parcels you have sent.

Once you have registered your parcels in Mijn PostNL, your customer can track their parcel with track & trace, either through our website or using the handy PostNL app. If the delivery date is inconvenient, the recipient can easily change it online. They can also opt to collect from a PostNL point.

Get the most out of your business: 5 tips

As the largest mail and parcel company in the Netherlands, we know where opportunities lie in the e-commerce market. Customers are still encountering unnecessary obstacles when it comes to online shopping. As an online entrepreneur, you can make a difference here. This is why we have put together 5 tips for you:

1. Show trust and you’ll receive trust

Our additional shipping options allow you to offer added security in the event of any doubts about making a purchase. These include signature on delivery or an age verification check at the door.

2. Offer flexible delivery options

Let your customers decide how and when they receive their parcels. This can be in the evening, on Sundays, or at their local PostNL point. Happy customers are loyal customers, which is great for your turnover!

3. Allow returns

There’s no doubt about it: people order more if they can return items easily. Make returns easier for your customers with our innovative return options. Since you are obliged to accept returns, you may as well get the most out of it!

4. Think about your international opportunities

Since we’re on the subject, how many potential customers do you have in other countries? Dutch webshops have a great reputation abroad. You can benefit from that. And it would be a shame not to make use of our outstanding international network.

5. Connect your online shop to us

Make a digital connection with our services using our API or plug-in. You can then request real-time track & trace information and automatically create shipping labels. In a similar way, you can also offer our flexible delivery options to your customers in your online store. This helps you save time and improve customer satisfaction.