How does it work?

  1. 1

    Pack your return parcel

    Pack your return parcel in suitable packaging (max. 175 x 58 x 78 cm and less than 23 kg).

  2. 2

    Affix a PostNL return label

    Affix a valid PostNL return label (with barcode) to the parcel. This label is often already included in the packaging of the item you ordered online. Note: make sure no other labels are visible.

  3. 3

    No return label?

    When you have a business reply service for the sender rather than a return label, you can create a business reply service shipping label (which means shipping is free to you) and print it out. You can also purchase a shipping label, in which case you will pay the usual shipping costs.

  4. 4

    Hand your parcel to our deliverer

    Check track & trace to see when the parcel deliverer will arrive at your door. Accept the new parcel and hand over the parcel you want to return. The parcel deliverer will give you a shipping receipt with a track & trace code.

Sustainable returns

Did you know that handing off your parcel to the parcel deliverer is the most sustainable way to return a parcel? It saves you a trip to the city and we were driving the route anyway. In other words: it’s fast and good for the planet!

Good to know

Sometimes the parcel deliverer already has enough on their hands (or in their van). In that case, they may not be able to take receipt of your return parcel. You can hand over a maximum of 5 parcels at a time. If the driver is unable to take your parcel, you can always hand it in at a PostNL point.

Download the PostNL app

Wondering when the parcel deliverer will arrive at your address with your parcel? The PostNL app offers a single convenient overview of all your postal matters and parcel shipments, as well as providing the latest updates on the status of your parcel.