Retour optie toevoegen

Need to send

something back?

Simply give your return packages to the parcel delivery driver directly

The convenience of returning packages at your front door

Save time and hassle

Need to return your latest purchase? Our parcel delivery drivers will take your return parcels from all webshops when they bring you a new parcel. No appointment or pick-up order needed. That’s super handy, because this way you know for sure that your parcel will be returned to the webshop within the return period.

How does it work?

  1. Place your return parcel in suitable packaging (max. 175x58x78 cm and <23 kg).
  2. Affix the return label with barcode to the parcel. This label is often inside the box of your online order.
  3. No return label in the box? Then simply create a label online and print it. This is also possible for free returns to a freepost.
  4. Give your parcel to the parcel delivery driver who delivers a parcel to you on Mondays through Saturdays. You will immediately get proof of shipping with track & trace code. Please note: You can return a maximum of 5 parcels per time.

Create a label online

Sustainable returns

Did you know that giving a parcel to the delivery driver is the most sustainable way to return items? You don’t have to drive anywhere, and we’re already going that way anyway. It’s fast and sustainable!

Download the PostNL app

Want to know when the parcel delivery driver will deliver a parcel to you? Check in the app! With the PostNL app you have everything at your fingertips. If you understand a bit of Dutch, try it now.

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