Retour aan de deur bezorger

Need to return

a parcel?

Hand it over to the parcel deliverer!

Return your parcel quick and easy

That’s the convenience of returns at the door

Are you expecting a parcel, but also need to send something back? In that case, hand your return parcel over to the parcel deliverer who comes to your door. This is not only easy, it also saves you time. You won’t even need to leave the house! Now that’s easy.

How does it work?

  1. Pack your return parcel in suitable packaging (max. 175 x 58 x 78 cm and less than 23 kg).
  2. Affix a valid PostNL return label (with barcode) to the parcel. This label is often already included in the packaging of the item you ordered online. Note: make sure no other labels are visible.
  3. When you have a business reply service for the sender rather than a return label, you can create a business reply service shipping label (which means shipping is free to you) and print it out. You can also purchase a shipping label, in which case you will pay the usual shipping costs.
  4. Check track & trace to see when the parcel deliverer will arrive at your door. Accept the new parcel and hand over the parcel you want to return. The parcel deliverer will give you a shipping receipt with a track & trace code.