How we achieve CO2-neutral deliveries

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    Electric vehicles

    We have been delivering almost all our letter mail by foot or by bike for the past 220 years! And we are increasingly delivering parcels using electric vehicles.

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    Green fuels

    Where delivery by electric vehicle is not yet possible, we replace petrol and diesel with green fuels.

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    Despite all our efforts, we still emit CO2, but we compensate those remaining emissions. In 2023, we even offset them throughout Europe.

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    Zero CO2 emissions

    From 2030, we want to eliminate all CO2 emissions in the last part of our mail and parcel delivery: the route between the sorting centre and your address.

How we compensate our CO2 emissions

We offset any remaining CO2 we emit by purchasing Gold Standard credits. Through these credits, we invest in environmentally friendly projects in developing countries. These include projects to install wind turbines or solar panels, or to plant new forests. The Gold Standard is a high standard of quality that organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) monitor and enforce.

What else are we doing?

PostNL wants to be your favourite delivery service and we do our utmost to deliver your parcels and mail as sustainably as possible. For example, by investing in electric vehicles, sustainable fuels, solar panels and smart routes. And through innovation. We remove air from parcels, develop reusable packaging and recycle whatever we can. Additionally, we provide sustainable delivery options, such as parcel and post machines and the parcel locker service.

Will you join?

Together, we are responsible for tomorrow’s world. You can also make sustainable choices and contribute to sustainable delivery. We would like to tell you more about the sustainable choices you have:

Delivery at a PostNL point or parcel machine

You can have your parcel delivered to a PostNL point or in a parcel machine instead of at your home address. That reduces the number of kilometres we travel because we deliver multiple parcels at one point at the same time. And when you collect your parcel by bike or foot, then it’s even more sustainable.

Letterbox package

If the item you are sending fits through the letterbox, send it as a letterbox package. We deliver these by foot or by bike, so it is a sustainable choice.

Choose your delivery preference

By setting your delivery preference you decide where we deliver your parcels by default. As well as where we should deliver your parcels if you are not at home. This saves unnecessary kilometres and reduces CO2 emissions.

Change delivery

If, at the last minute, you will not be home to receive your parcel after all, no worries. Change the drop date or location and prevent any extra kilometres.

Reusing materials

If you want to send a parcel, check first to see if you have any packaging left over from a previous delivery. You can simply reuse it.

Minimum amount of air

The less empty space in your packaging, the more sustainable it is. Less air means we can fit more parcels in our delivery vans.