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Getting started with your NL crypto stamp

  1. 1

    Discover your digital twin's colour

    Use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code on the front of your NL crypto stamp. Your NFT will now appear! Are you using a laptop or computer? Go to and click the QR symbol to scan the code with your webcam.
  2. 2

    Create your own NFT wallet

    Use your laptop or computer to visit and download the MetaMask browser extension. Complete the steps to create a new wallet. Already have one? You can also import your existing wallet.
  3. 3

    Connect your wallet to

    Go to and click ‘connect wallet'. Use the MetaMask extension to log in. Your wallet is now connected.
  4. 4

    Use your browser to scan your NL crypto stamp

    Carefully remove the protective film or scratch layer from the back of your crypto stamp. Click the QR symbol at the top of the page and use your webcam to scan the QR code on the back of your NL crypto stamp. Or enter your secret code.
  5. 5

    Switch to the Polygon network

    Your digital twin will now appear. Time to switch over to the Polygon network. Your MetaMask wallet is automatically configurated to use Ethereum. Click ‘switch network’ to change over.
  6. 6

    Store your digital twin in your wallet

    You've reached the final step! Go to ‘transfer stamp into your wallet’ and click ‘claim crypto stamp'. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed. Congratulations, your NL crypto stamp is now in your NFT wallet!
  7. 7

    View the NFTs in your wallet

    Did you order multiple crypto stamps? Complete the steps to store them in your NFT wallet as many times as needed. Go to to view your collection.

What is a crypto stamp?

The NL crypto stamp is a stamp that consists of 2 parts: a physical stamp and a digital twin. That twin is an image that you can collect, swap and trade in the blockchain.
  • Physical stamp

    You can collect the physical stamp or use it for sending your mail.
  • Digital twin

    Every physical NL crypto stamp has a QR code with which you can discover its digital twin. That's your own NFT ('non fungible token').
  • World premiere

    This edition is éxtra special because we're releasing it as a joint issue with the Austrian Post.

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