How does the NL crypto stamp safe work?

  1. 1


    Move an NL crypto stamp safe and an NL crypto stamp 2 to your own wallet. The safe will open and you’ll see the contents in your wallet.

  2. 2

    Select your stamp

    Select 'Start crypto stamp MorphXYZ' on the right-hand side, next to your NL crypto stamp safe. Then select the NL crypto stamp 2 you want to transform. You can only use each NL crypto stamp safe once for the MorphXYZ crypto stamp.

  3. 3

    This may take a while

    The MorphXYZ crypto stamp may take a while. You will see a countdown clock showing the remaining time. When the crypto stamp MorphXYZ is ready, your safe’s symbol will change into a new symbol.

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    There are several new NFTs.

What is a crypto stamp?

The NL crypto stamp is an NFT stamp consisting of a physical stamp and its digital twin.

Getting started with your crypto stamp

Discover the colour of your digital twin and create your own NFT wallet.

How it works

Missed the first NL crypto stamp last year? Or curious about what’s next? More information about the NL crypto stamp 2 will appear here soon.

Any questions?

More information?

Check out the frequently asked questions page.