Free teaching materials for primary education

Mail in the classroom

Receiving mail is a special moment. And there is a lot to tell about it. That is why we worked with an education expert to create 4 lesson packages for primary school students. Each package consists of a manual and material for the digital whiteboard. In this way, every student is introduced to the wonderful world of mail and parcels in a playful way.

Teaching materials for every age group

Each lesson package has its own theme that matches the experiences of the age group. These lesson packages for primary school are completely free. Do you have questions about the lesson packages? Email us at Or request the lesson packages immediately.

Teaching materials for groups 1 and 2: All mail!

Children in groups 1 and 2 are introduced to the parcel deliverer Malti. She delivers packages with an electric cargo bike and is in love with her colleague Luuk. Luuk is a postal worker and uses a regular bicycle. Through the eyes of Malti and Luuk, children learn what letters, cards, packages, stamps, stamps and letterboxes are. In a creative way. With clear material and fun game assignments.

Susan, teacher group 1/2

'A nice series of lessons to use as a common thread for your lessons about the post and to adapt to your wishes. The lesson about the stamp was a hit. Group 1/2 really enjoyed designing their own stamp. I made a presentation myself about different types of stamps. And I brought several stamps to school.’

Teaching material for groups 3 and 4: Mail for sleuths

Students from groups 3 and 4 are introduced to postal worker Mo. Together with Mo, the children learn how important a correct address is. And that there may be a difference in the number of stamps. The power of a letter or card – and of course the message you convey with it – Is also discussed. During the processing assignments the focus is on reading and writing. The children get to know concepts such as letterbox, zip code, stamp, weight, size, stamp and postman.

Teaching material for groups 5 and 6: Undercover in the world of mail

The children in groups 5 and 6 have a secret mission. They meet delivery drivers Malti, Mo, Luuk and Lian and help them deliver the mail neatly, on time and to the right address. They also play a game in which they sort themselves. The students work on skills such as communication, collaboration and problem-solving thinking and action. They use their planning skills and map understanding in the assignments.

Teaching material for groups 7 and 8: The power of mail

Students from groups 7 and 8 carry out a secret mission. Together with delivery people Malti, Mo, Luuk and Lian. They investigate whether they deliver the mail to the right location, on time, sustainably, easily and neatly. The children also design a special stamp themselves. You can also choose to have them make a vlog. The students work on skills such as communication, thinking in solutions and collaboration.

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