Send international insured mail

Send valuable mail safely abroad

Want to send something valuable by mail? Use the insurance service and your letter will be insured up to €500 in case of loss or damage. That gives great peace of mind.

The benefits of sending an international letter insured

  • Proof of shipment and receipt (signature)
  • Reimbursement up to €500 in case of loss or damage
  • Can be sent both in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • Track your letter with track & trace

Useful if you are sending money or a passport, for example. Choose insured shipping if the value of the contents exceeds €50. Less than €50? Send your letter by registered mail.

At a PostNL location, indicate the value you want to insure. You have to be able to prove the value of the product. For example, with an invoice. To send a letter outside the EU, you need to include a completed customs form. You can request a form from the employee at the PostNL location. Insured mail service may not be available for all countries.

What if we are unable to deliver the letter to the recipient? Once the letter is abroad, delivery is taken over by that country's postal service. It varies by country and postal service how many delivery attempts are made. This depends on the agreements that have been made with a country. If you have any questions about this, please contact the postal service of the country in question.

Use a seal bag

Seal your parcel with a seal bag (if the size of the parcel allows it) when sending a parcel nationally or internationally. This will make your parcel tamperproof. This is mandatory.

Shipping costs at home and abroad

You send an insured letter from as little as €15.20. The price depends on the weight, size and destination of the shipment.

up to 2 kg
EUR1 €17.90

About the delivery

What if we are unable to deliver the letter to the recipient? Don't worry. The letter will be automatically returned to you free of charge, both in the Netherlands or abroad.

Did you send a letter by registered mail and want to know where it is? Follow your letter.