Addressing tips

For the fastest possible delivery

Help us speed up delivery by making sure that your mail or parcel is addressed correctly. Some useful tips are listed below.

How it works

A correctly written address includes 

  1. Name of the addressee 
  2. Street name + house number (+ suffix),
    or Postbox number,
    or Business reply number 
  3. Postcode and city / town
    The numbers and letters of the postcode are separated by a single space. Postcode and city / town are separated by a double space. The name of the city / town should be written in capital letters. 

Address length: min. 3, max. 6 address lines

International mail items

For detailed information on how to address international mail items, please refer to address specifications per country.

Return address

When sending a handwritten card or letter, you should always write a return address on the back of the envelope. This way we can return any undeliverable items to you. The return address should at least include a postcode and house number. 

In the case of a printed address or when using windowed envelopes, the return address should be written at the top left of the envelope (in a single address line).

Address printing

For printing purposes, we recommend using a sans serif font such as Arial, Calibri, Helvetica or Verdana. Recommended font size between 10 and 12 pts. 

Please avoid underlining and italics, as these cannot be processed by our automatic sorting equipment.