PostNL Special Moments Fund

We help connect

The PostNL Special Moments Fund works together with charities and social organizations to create more connections in society. Our employees pay attention to the neighborhood and local residents. With various projects we provide support to people who could really use it. These projects focus on 3 areas: attention to the neighborhood, presence in the neighborhood, involvement with the neighborhood.

Attention to the neighborhood

PostNL mail and parcel deliverers visit every street every day. They know the residents, wave or have a chat on the street and at the door. Has a local resident had a baby? Or is it someone's birthday? Then our delivery people often pop a card in the post. And if they are worried because they notice something isn't right with someone, they can voluntarily and anonymously report this to local welfare organisations.

Presence in the neighbourhood

PostNL deliverers visit every street every day. This means we can deliver special mail or parcels for charities. For example, we deliver birthday packages for Stichting Jarige Job, letters to Sinterklaas, and Christmas cards for the National Foundation for the Elderly. We also help the community living rooms of the Salvation Army and support the annual children's stamp campaign by Stichting Kinderpostzegels.

Involvement with the Neighbourhood

Many PostNL employees volunteer in addition to their work. Each year, they can request a donation for the association or foundation where they volunteer. With these donations, we make things possible that wouldn't be achievable otherwise. In this way, we provide support to those who need it.

100 Years of Children's Stamps

Something special happens every year: thousands of children go door to door to sell stamps. The proceeds from the Children's Welfare stamp campaign give Stichting Kinderpostzegels the power to support children who really need it. This edition is extra special because children's stamps have been around for 100 years!

In numbers

  1. 35,000 Birthday Gifts

    We collect over 35,000 birthday gifts for children from less privileged homes.

  2. 160 Municipalities

    In more than 160 municipalities, deliverers can report if they are concerned about a resident.
  3. 250,000 Christmas Cards

    We deliver educational packages that enable schoolchildren to make 250,000 Christmas cards for the Great Christmas Card Campaign of the National Foundation for the Elderly.

  4. 2,750 Cups of Coffee

    We facilitate 2,750 cups of coffee in the community living rooms of the Salvation Army.

  5. 6,000 Sports and Party Packs

    We deliver 6,000 sports and party packs to primary schools for the King's Games.

  6. 200 Donations per Year

    We make 200 donations per year to associations where a PostNL employee volunteers.

This Is Us

Our board consists of dedicated colleagues from PostNL and people with a heart for society. Each one of them is committed to connecting and contributing to a community where everyone can participate. We operate as a non-profit fund, which is why we have ANBI status. Our board consists of:

  • Jacques Wallage (Chairman)
  • Thijs Kerckhoffs (Executive Director)
  • Thessa Menssen
  • Hafida Bounjouh
  • Tahira Limon

Thijs Kerckhoffs, Executive Director Special Moments Fund

It's great that PostNL colleagues offer a helping hand in their daily work by delivering special cards or unique packages. I see the commitment and am proud of these employees.

Want to Know More About the Fund

Do you have a question about the fund? Feel free to contact us via email. Or have a look at our annual report.