PostNL terms of employment

All extras at a glance

You have seen a vacancy that is just right for you. A job where you want to show what you can do. But fair is fair: there has to be something in return. We get that. For your knowledge, time and energy, we’ll provide you with attractive terms of employment. Keep reading!

Salary and compensation

The job seems to be just what you are looking for. But, of course, you want to be able to pay your bills and live comfortably. At PostNL, you will earn a competitive salary. You can receive an annual salary increase based on your assessments. In addition, we offer a results-dependent bonus of up to 3% of your annual salary. The bonus amount depends on the financial results of PostNL and our customer satisfaction score.

Travel expenses

If we expect you at the office, it’s only logical that you will receive a contribution to your travel expenses. Of course, we would prefer to see you arrive in a sustainable manner, by bicycle or public transport. But the choice of how to get to the office is yours. We reimburse 0.22 cents per kilometre for commuting. Also, if you meet the conditions, you can apply for an NS-Business Card.

Pension scheme

It’s nice when your pension is in order. At PostNL, we contribute to your pension premium. You also automatically contribute 6% to your pension.

Time off and care facilities

Full-time work at PostNL is 37 hours to a maximum of 39.25 hours per week. Feel free to arrange those hours so that it works best for you. You’ll also have 25 days of holiday on the basis of full-time employment.

Besides holidays, we have all sorts of leave facilities. For example, when it is necessary to take care of a family member or a relative, you can make use of paid family or care leave. We also offer leave options and care facilities for parents and caregivers: for colleagues with children, we offer paid parental leave for 25 weeks in total for the mother as well as 15 weeks for the partner, to make sure you can enjoy the precious time with your baby.

For new mothers there are breastfeeding or lactation facilities available and of course you will be given time to do this by paid break times.

Hybrid working

Hybrid working is becoming the standard at PostNL. You combine working from home with working at the office. You choose which environment works best for you, depending on your work. Sometimes, the best working environment will be at the office with your team. At other times, it will be at home. Together with your manager and colleagues, you will find the right balance. You get a laptop, a mobile phone and IT support that makes it possible to work where you want. In addition, you will receive a work-from-home allowance of €45 net per month if you work from home two days or more per week.

Study programmes, training and opportunities for advancement

We offer you various opportunities to develop yourself. This starts at the very beginning with a central onboarding programme. You will soon feel at home at PostNL. You will also have access to the e-academy MijnLeerplein. Here you’ll find a broad range of tutorials, courses, study programmes, and trainings. We can also match you with an internal coach who can help you throughout your career at PostNL. To facilitate full self-reflection and growth, you can additionally do a career scan. Will you grow with us?

Vitality and sustainable employability

It is important to us that you feel fit and healthy at work. That is why we offer healthy food in our company restaurant, lunch walks, lifestyle coaching and sports competitionsL We offer trainings, e-learnings in our e-academy MijnLeerplein and we also provide workshops to help you deal with stress in the workplace, boost your vitality and enhance your work life balance, individually or as a team. In addition, we offer a variety of internal and external expertise and programs that can help you with your employability, working conditions or prevention of absenteeism. Furthermore, we organise a motivation survey twice a year. This is how we check whether we are still on the right track or whether we can improve when it comes to the vitality and commitment of our employees.

Work location and workplaces

We ensure an optimal working environment. Our head office, the Stationpostgebouw, offers a wide variety of work and consultation spaces. Here it's all about meeting, collaborating and connecting. You choose the workplace that best suits your work at that moment – whether you are working in concentrated silence or attending a creative brainstorming session with colleagues. The green interior gardens, the inviting staircases, the catering concept with a varied selection, and the new climate system also ensure a healthy and sustainable working environment.

Employee discounts

With a club of over 40,000 enthusiastic PostNL employees, we are in an excellent position to arrange collective discounts. We have done that for you for holidays, insurance, events and various products. Need something new? Always check the Fun & Value page on the intranet first to see if we already have a discount waiting for you.

Want to know more?

If you want to read the small print of all these employment terms, download the PostNL CLA and read it at your leisure. Have any questions? If so, please contact your recruiter. They can help you.

CLA for PostNL