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How we create value

For society, for our investors and for our company

Our value creation model illustrates our process of achieving long-term and short-term value for our customers, our people, our investors, society and the company. We use our key material topics as input to connect our long-term impact with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This helps us measure and disclose the outcomes of our strategy in a clear way.

Our value creation model

Our value creation model underpins the strategy by which we are looking to become the leading logistics and service provider in, to and from the Benelux area. This we’ll achieve by adding value in four different areas: for our customers, for the environment, for society and for our financial health as a company.

The first step is to identify our key topics, which we do through engaging with all of our stakeholders, including shareholders. Together we decide how we can add value in the long term. Next, we carry out a materiality analysis to prioritise the topics we have identified, ranking them on the basis of what is most important to our stakeholders, our company and the impact these topics have on society. This helps us work out how best to use our business model to maximise value while we continue to develop.

Our performance indicators measure the value we add in the short term. And as our value creation model reflects, we link our long-term impact directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).