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Missed your parcel delivery?

From 1 July 2022 we’ll send a digital notification

Create a PostNL account to track your parcel online

From 1 July 2022, we’ll send a digital notification to tell you where your parcel has been delivered. Just go online to immediately see where your parcel is. In fact, this might be just the right time to create a PostNL account to help you track your parcels at all times, including in the PostNL app.

Create a PostNL account

When will I get a ‘not-at-home’ note?

As of 1 July 2022, we will provide all information about the location of your parcel by e-mail or in the PostNL app, as far as possible. You will only find a printed note on your doormat in the following cases. This will only happen if we do not have your e-mail address:

  • You are being sent a health screening kit or hospital items and the sender has indicated to us that they are sending out ‘medical mail’.
  • You are being sent a gift or promotional gift.
  • The shipment falls under the universal postal service, such as official documents from a notary or parcels sent via a PostNL point.

What are the benefits of a PostNL account?

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The latest information about your parcel at all times

Your parcel deliverer will drop off your parcel at one of your neighbours or at a PostNL point near you. You’ll receive an email stating your neighbours’ house number or the PostNL point address, while also receiving an alert in the PostNL app.


Digital tracking more sustainable

Tracking your parcels digitally isn’t just easy, it’s sustainable too. By not leaving a not-at-home note, we’ll save some 70,000 kilos of paper every year – we’re talking no less than 206 trees.

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Setting your delivery preferences

Would you rather have us always deliver your parcels to a PostNL point? Good news: just go to your PostNL account and simply tell us where to deliver your parcel. Check out how to set your delivery preferences.

Download the PostNL app

Would you like to handle all your mail and parcel business in a single, convenient system that records these on your phone? Download the PostNL app and log in with your account. You’ll receive timely push alerts on where your parcel has been delivered whenever you’re not home.

Download the app Android  Download the app iOS

Frequently asked questions

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