Sustainable and responsible

As the largest mail and parcels company in the Benelux countries , we are extremely aware of the impact we have and are able to have on the world around us. We connect people through mail, parcels and information.

Our dense network of locations, vehicles and people makes us a familiar face in every street and a key influence on what happens there – and so we take responsibility in everything we do.

Our corporate responsibility (CR) policy is based on three pillars: being a good employer, managing sustainable operations and contributing to social well-being. We’ve set out our intentions in this statement.

To further strengthen our ESG approach, PostNL has set up a Group wide ESG team as part of the new Group Strategy department. The team is led by ESG director Ginette van de Beek.

PostNL's health policy is aimed at the continued productive employability of healthy and committed employees. Employees who are healthy and engaged and remain so are motivated, productive and deliver quality. In this way, the health policy contributes to the realization of PostNL's objectives. In addition, PostNL considers it important that its employees remain healthy and fit, so that in general they can be active and vital for longer, now and in the future, within or outside PostNL. Read the Health and Safety Policy Statement.

Sustainable logistics

We’re looking to make our impact on the climate as small as possible. That’s why we choose fuel-efficient vehicles and buildings wherever we can. And use sustainable resources wherever possible, such as renewable gas.

Our people

PostNL doesn’t exist without our people. That’s why we create a work environment in which our employees and our partners feel comfortable, can develop and grow.

Our customers

By keeping it simple, being smart and working together, we offer our customers services and solutions that make it easy to send and receive mail and parcels. That’s how our customers always come first.