Frequently asked questions

Objecting to customs clearance costs

Would you rather not pay the customs clearance costs? Then you can choose not to receive your parcel. We will then send it back to the sender. The customs clearance fee will then be waived.

Did you already pay and do you still want to object? This only makes sense if:

The customs clearance costs are incorrect

It concerns a gift with a value of less than € 45

You have returned the parcel

Objecting is useless if

You think the clearance costs are too high

It concerns a gift from a business sender

You have sent the parcel back to a country other than the one it came from

Have you already paid VAT during checkout?

Then you can reclaim the VAT for purchases with a value of up to €150 from the webshop or sender. When you pay VAT during checkout, the sender must inform us that you’ve already paid VAT. This isn’t always done correctly, which is why you’re sometimes asked pay customs clearance costs even though you’ve already paid VAT. Is the value of your purchase higher than €150? Then you may still have to pay import duties and handling costs.

Do you still want to object?

You can do so by using the form below. Please note: the form is only available in Dutch.

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